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"Invest in hair, it is the crown you can never take off" – anonymous
The ancient Indian folklore has always depicted women with long and luxurious tresses, and for Indian women beautiful hair is a prized possession, and even a matter of pride. At Kesh King, we understand the importance of hair care and bring you a wide range of ayurvedic hair care products that are clinically proved and certified. Being India’s leading ayurvedic brand, our products are made using the extracts of carefully selected herbs available in the nature. Kesh King’s holistic approach and natural methods addresses all your hair-related problems, including hair fall, dandruff, split hair, sleeplessness and headache.
They say, life isn’t perfect, but Kesh King’s range of hair care products ensures your hair can be.



A women having hair fall issue

2 September 2014

Best Hair Fall Control Oil In India

Hair fall means excess loss of hair from the scalp. On an average 100 strands of hair can normally fall per day, but if the count increases more than this,…

Comb with Broken Hair

31 January 2019

What are the reasons for Hair Loss & How to Control Hair Fall with Kesh King

Ayurveda has existed for centuries. And it’s still helping us to fight the current lifestyle issues brought on by today’s day and age. Be it our health,...