Surprising Benefits of Onion Hair Oil that Everyone Needs to Know

These days, every woman I meet complains of one major issue- Hair fall!

Yes hair fall is that heart-breaking, irreversible part of life where you see your lovely mane leaving your crowning glory, ungracefully into combs, pillows, shower sink, towel and almost everywhere. 

Expert says- it is ok to have 100-200 strands of hair fall everyday. However, the hair should grow back soon. Problem is that -10 strands of fallen hair can do more damage than your maid not turning up for work that day or not finding the ring in your champagne glass. 

And hair-fall is combined with hair -breakage which also leads to frizzy mess, it makes the matter worse. Some of us have bad hair days but of late it seems a majority of us are living- bad hair year. 

Yes, hair problems always come with more issues than just loss of confidence. Hair-fall. Sometimes it also signals an untreated dandruff issue, dry scalp and increased frizziness. 

Common Causes of hair fall

There could be various reasons of hair-fall, especially if it is happening on a continuous, long-term basis. Some of them are-

  1. Hard water: Water quality affects your hair. Increased number of chemicals or impurities in the water can actually make hair dry and prone to fall. 
  2. Pollution: The air we breathe in, affects our hair too. Air pollutants can also dry the hair and weaken the roots. 
  3. Stress: This is a big ticket item when it comes to hair-fall. Anxiety, depression etc stripes away essential nutrients from our body. Hence, providing less strength to hair shafts. 
  4. Excessive usage of chemicals: This has taken a toll on our health esp hair. Yes, as they say the first part of the body to get affected is our hair. Using chemical laden shampoo, serum, hair spray, gel, setting spray etc could harm our hair badly. 

Hair fall, dandruff, greying, rough/dull hair are on rising and have become an unwanted part of life. Yes, an unwanted part of life. Everyone likes to look beautiful and hair is our crowning glory, which comes first in our chart of well-groomed bodies. 

The irony is that- hair fall is not a stand-alone issue but it is often accompanied by balding, hair thinness, and split-ends. 

I live in Ahmedabad and the kind of perpetual hair fall and greying I am facing here is unbearable and unspeakable. The hard water does quite a lot of damage and my hair has become dry, frizzy, and weaker than ever. I tried quite some salon treatments like keratin and spa but none helped. 

So, what shall we do? Resort to the hair treatments advised by the salons?

Everytime I visit a salon, my stylist introduces me to a new treatment and asks me to get it done. The long list includes- keratin, smoothening, plex and if nothing sails through- hair spa. Now these treatments give you a very picture-pleasing temporary relief or temporary look. However, they serve no good in the long-term. They are super expensive for the pocket and also for the overall health of the hair. The problem with some of these expensive yet short-lived salon treatments is they all banish the usage of hair oil and that restriction makes me feel uneasy. I am a person growing up with the idea of a good oiling and living without oiling my hair made me feel incomplete. Plus they often ask to use post care products like shampoo, conditioners, mask etc that are further laden with high chemicals. 

Hair is a natural thing and what’s better than natural products to take care of them.

Right OCC for Hair-care

So, I abandoned a lot of chemical treatments and am back to my regular OCC routine. Another challenge is to select the right products for OCC. I was told to use more natural products like Amla, Mehendi, and onion for my hair in their rawest form. While I do understand the benefits of natural ingredients, using them in their raw form at times becomes tedious. for example- there is a rising cadence on onion juice for the betterment of the hair. However, extracting the manual juice at times becomes tedious and messy. 

But why onion for hair care?

According to the experts, Onion oil is a proven remedy to boost hair regrowth and also, prevent hair fall. This is a widely used Ayurvedic solution to ensure and promote healthy and thick hair. Dedication is the key. All you need is a regular dedication to extract and apply this wonder ingredient regularly. 

Onion for Hair Oil

But is it possible in our busy lives?

The answer is No. A majority of people including me find it difficult to follow this regime. However we may like, time and continued effort comes as a constraint.

So, what do we do in such a scenario?

Keep scrolling to find out an interesting product to try on your hair. 

OCC with Onion Oil enriched products

OCC i.e. Oiling, conditioning and shampooing is the mantra for good and clean hair. You can skip expensive treatments and keep your hair healthy following a simple OCC process. All you need to do is find the right products with the right ingredients. One such ingredient is- Onion oil. 

Onion oil has a surprising benefit for hair. But how do we extract oil from onions?

Onion Hair Oil and Shampoo

Kesh King Onion Hair Oil

Onion oil helps nourish your hair from strands to root level, to make them look healthy and nourished. Not just that, it also enables hair growth. Onion oil is filled with antioxidants that produce enzymes which restrict hair fall. 

Red onion juice is one of the best ingredients, commonly found in every Indian kitchen to get rid of dandruff and scalp irritation. 

Following a proper ritual is a must. Merely applying the hair oil is not enough, you need to allow it to stay on your scalp for a right amount of time. Some people keep it overnight, which is a good practice. However, applying it a couple of hours before hair shampoo is also a good idea to ensure that your scalp is not too dirty with grime and dust to absorb it better. Also, don’t forget to eat a clean nutrient-packed diet along with using this magical hair oil.