What are the reasons for Hair Fall and how will Kesh King help control it?

Ayurveda has existed for centuries. And it’s still helping us to fight the current lifestyle issues brought on by today’s day and age. Be it our health, mental or physical well-being or even our hair health. There are various factors that lead to hair fall. Let’s evaluate them and see how Ayurveda can help prevent hair-fall and promote hair growth.

Physical stress

Any physical injury, shock or illness can cause hair fall. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases – growth phase, shedding phase and resting phase. Physical stress or injury can cause a shock to your hair cycle and push majority of your hair into shedding phase. This phenomenon is called telogen effluvium. Considering the nature of our hair growth cycle, we only realise it after 4-6 months of the physical stress. This can be damaging for our hair.

Protein deficiency

The Indian diet is inherently protein deficient. Our eating habits and lack of complete nutrition diets deprive our body and hair of essential nutrients thereby causing hair fall. What we put inside our body affects our whole well-being and hair needs proper nutrition to grow and be healthy. Hair fall control requires us to provide protein-rich nutrition to our body.

Lifestyle triggers

In this day and age, we are always running and trying to take short cuts, be it in the choice of food we eat, the amount of sleep we get, the lack of focus on our health and living a sedentary lifestyle with substandard diets and lack of hair care. Our sedentary lifestyle is making us more prone to weight gain, which causes lot of issues that includes hair fall.


Pollution is one of the leading causes of hair fall. It affects the natural composition of hair and makes our hair dry and dirty. The harmful chemicals in the air affects the hair growth cycle and slows it down. The hair starts to fall and the new hair doesn’t grow fast enough to replace the fallen ones thus leading to hair thinning and balding.


With age, everything slows down – our organs, metabolism rate, digestion, hair growth cycle. Age also comes with a plethora of new issues – menopause, hormonal imbalances, blood pressure, heart issues, weakness, etc. With age, our body loses the ability to renew and regenerate cells quickly, our hair follicles become weaker and take longer to grow and be replaced resulting in thinning hair, male/female-pattern balding, hair loss and greying.

But don’t worry, Ayurveda has all the answers. Using Ayurveda and the Tel Pak vidhi mentioned in the Vedas, Kesh King has formulated Ayurvedic products which will help you combat most of these factors and help you fight hair fall, prevent greying and promote hair growth. The 21 Ayurvedic natural ingredients such as Brahmi, Amla, Ritha, Neem, Ashwagandha and more present in Kesh King medicinal hair oil will help provide complete nutrition to your hair that you otherwise don’t get because of an imbalanced diet and increasing age. These natural ingredients also help fight the harmful effects of pollution and our sedentary lifestyle choices.

Kesh King Ayurvedic capsules are a great way to ensure that your hair follicles receive the essential nutrients required for a healthy hair growth cycle. After all, Kesh King products are clinically tested to be 2 times more effective than other Ayurvedic hair care products. The sooner you start using Kesh King products to provide complete care to your hair, the better it is. To buy online, you can visit our Amazon page or you can find our products in all major stores across the country. Follow our social media pages to stay updated about hair care.

Dealing with Dandruff in Winter with Ayurvedic Hair Care

Winter is amazing. It’s cold and cozy – where the nights are longer, and the days are shorter. We like to enjoy winters while sitting all snug in our blanket with a hot cup of tea or coffee, reading our favorite book or watching TV. But winter brings various problems with it. Our skin becomes dry, heels crack, lips chap and our hair becomes dry, brittle and frizzy.

Winter skin care has become a ritual these days. Similarly, our hair needs special winter care too to fight the damage cold weather causes to it. One of the major effects of winter on our tresses is dandruff. Here’s how winter leads to dandruff which causes hair fall.

Winter is a dry weather and our body loses moisture during this cold weather. Our skin becomes patchy and so does our scalp. Dry scalp leads to the patchy skin and dead cells increase in number which is also known as dandruff. The accumulation of these dead skin cells also leads to various other skin problems such as itching, skin irritation, redness, hair loss, etc.

The cosmetic products available in the market to fight dandruff is actually harmful to our hair roots. The harmful chemicals in anti-dandruff shampoos such as sulphates wash off the natural scalp oil thus exposing hair to more winter damage. The best way to fight dandruff and the resulting hair fall is by adopting Ayurvedic hair care to fight the winter hair damage.

Use an Ayurvedic hair oil to keep your scalp and tresses hydrated. Kesh King Ayurvedic hair oil is made up of 21 natural herbs such as Brahmi, Amla, Ashwagandha, Ritha, Neem, Manjishta, and more which are found in nature and are proven to be beneficial for our hair health. Kesh King hair oil is made using the ancient Tel Pak vidhi prescribed in the Vedas. This Ayurvedic oil helps your hair fight dryness and dehydration thus preventing the dandruff from developing in winter.

You should also invest in a shampoo that is natural and chemical-free such as Kesh King’s anti-hair fall shampoo which is made up of 21 natural Ayurvedic herbs and Aloe Vera. It nurtures your hair and its natural ingredients promote hair growth, fight against hair fall and make your hair shinier, silkier and stronger even during winter. Kesh King products are clinically proven to be 2 times more effective than other Ayurvedic products in the market. Our products help keep your hair nourished, provide the necessary nutrients to hair follicles, promote hair growth and prevent dandruff and split ends.


Winter also increases your appetite since your body needs to burn extra food to keep the body warm in winter. Since hair is a non-productive organ of the body, it is the first one to not get enough proteins if and when the body runs low on it. To prevent this, take a regular dose of Kesh King Ayurvedic capsules as supplements; they have the essential nutrients to keep your hair and body healthy and nourished.

Fight dandruff and its harmful effects on your hair by using Kesh King products that are made with natural ingredients and are proven effective to fight hair fall and promote hair growth while making your hair stronger, silkier and shinier. To buy online, you can visit our Amazon page or you can find our products in all major stores across the country. Follow our social media pages to stay updated about winter hair care.

Ayurvedic Hair Care Regime that fights Hair fall and helps in Hair Growth

“Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love.”

Ademola Mandela

Our hair is all of the above and more! And we need to take good care of our hair especially against the harmful environment that we are exposed to in today’s world, the increasing levels of pollution and detrimental stress that we live with every day.

To combat the harm caused to our hair, Kesh King has come up with a line of products that will help us protect our hair, strengthen it and make it look more beautiful than ever. Here’s the recommended ayurvedic hair care regime that will fight hair fall and help your hair growth.

For a healthy hair care regime, you will need the following:

  • Kesh King Ayurvedic medicinal oil
  • Kesh King Anti-hair fall shampoo
  • Kesh King Ayurvedic capsules

Kesh King Ayurvedic hair oil is effective against hair fall, dandruff, dryness, flakiness and other hair problems. 21 precious herbs are cooked in sesame oil using Tel pak vidhi as prescribed in Ayurveda centuries ago. Kesh King Ayurvedic hair oil is clinically proven to be 2 times more effective than the other Ayurvedic hair oils in the market. And for better application and deeper penetration of oil into your scalp, Kesh King Ayurvedic hair oil comes with a revolutionary root comb which stimulates the scalp and hair roots and makes the oil get absorbed effectively. The quality nourishment to the scalp promotes hair growth.

Kesh King Anti-hair fall shampoo is made with 21 herbs and Aloe Vera. Kesh King’s in-house experts and scholars have used the ancient old Vedas to devise this shampoo to provide complete hair care. Kesh King hair fall shampoo fights dandruff, soothes the dry scalp and cleans the hair follicles to provide adequate nourishment to the hair. Since it’s made of natural ingredients, it doesn’t harm the hair and has no side effects. It helps clean and nurture your hair to restore hair health, increase circulation and promote hair growth.

The hair oil and the shampoo work on the outside but you do need some internal supplements as well to boost your hair health in an all-round way. Kesh King Ayurvedic capsules are fortified with 6 selected natural herbs that work as Sanjeevani for hair strands. These capsules help in the regrowth of hair. It is documented that Kesh King Ayurvedic capsule works like a tonic and gives nutrition to Matrix Cells, which in turn remove the fibre of weak hair and help to activate new hair fibre, resulting in stronger, longer and thicker hair.

It is advisable to use Kesh King oil along with Kesh King Ayurvedic shampoo and capsules regularly for at least 21 days for better results. Kesh King products are clinically tested and proven to be 2 times more effective than other ayurvedic hair care brands. Try it today to know the difference! To buy online, you can visit Kesh King’s Amazon page or you can find Kesh King products in all major stores across the country.

Ayurvedic shampoo to reduce Hair fall

Kesh King believes in providing an all-round improvement to your hair problems. While we all agree that hair oil is essential to maintain the health of our hair and provide it necessary nutri-ents, we hardly focus on the kind of shampoo that we use. We spend lot of money for hair care products such as serum, mousse, masks, etc but we neglect the basic product that we use regularly – shampoo. The right shampoo is very crucial to maintain the health of our hair. With Kesh King’s Herbal anti-hair fall shampoo, you can reduce hair fall, and at the same time make your hair silky, shiny and smooth.

Kesh King Ayurvedic shampoo is made with Aloe Vera and 21 natural ingredients such as Amalaki, Brahmi, Bibhitaka, Musta, etc. These ingredients are known to promote hair growth, prevent hair fall, fight greying hair, provide cooling effect and soothe the scalp. Kesh King’s anti hair fall shampoo also has antiseptic properties that are beneficial to the hair and scalp. In this day and age, we need something as effective and safe as Kesh King Ayurvedic sham-poo which has no side effects and provides complete nourishment to the hair.

Kesh King products are certified and approved by CGHS (Central Government Health Ser-vices) and have no side effects. Kesh King Herbal Anti-Hair fall shampoo is made with a unique formulation and is clinically proven to be 2 times more effective than all the other Ayurvedic brands and their respective products.

For better results and good health of your hair, it is advised to shampoo your hair 2-3 times eve-ry week and to ensure that your hair is free of dirt, pollution, scalp oil and grease. Kesh King’s herbal shampoo for hair fall is light green in colour with good runny consistency, which makes it easy to lather, apply, rinse and wash off. It has a natural herbal smell which isn’t strong to disturb your olfactory senses.

We recommend using Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair oil for hair loss along with the Kesh King Anti hair-fall shampoo and the specially designed Kesh King supplement capsules for improv-ing the over-all health of your tresses. Our hair loss shampoo is clinically proven to reduce hair fall up to 80% and also make your hair silkier, shinier and stronger. Its natural ingredients protect the hair, scalp and hair follicles and are not harsh to wash away the natural texture of your hair. It helps your hair breathe, grow and shine.

Reaffirming its conviction to hair care, Kesh King shampoo offers improved results and the
same has been attested through clinical trials. Kesh King anti hair-fall shampoo is also very affordable and widely available. Our hair loss shampoo is the best herbal shampoo for your hair as it reduces hair fall, promotes hair growth, fights dandruff and other hair problems while making your hair healthy, shiny, smooth and silky.

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off. Start taking good care of your hair right away with Kesh King! To buy online, you can visit Amazon or find our products in all major stores across the country. Follow our social media pages to stay updated with the best ways to care for your hair.

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Fall treatment

Hair is a major part of our vanity. Be it a man or a woman, hair makes a lot of difference in how we look and feel. It’s an asset that we all want to protect and nurture. While hair fall is quite prevalent in this day and age, it’s of utmost importance that we find something to help keep our tresses healthy and lustrous. The age old formula to protect our hair is to oil it regularly. Oiling our hair twice to thrice a week is known to promote hair growth and fight hair fall. Oil rejuvenates our scalp by providing necessary fuel for hair growth and application of oil helps in increasing the blood circulation in our scalp thus helping them get healthy from the root.

The most effective oil for hair growth will be a natural and ayurvedic hair oil. Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair oil is made with 21 Ayurvedic ingredients such as Brahmi, Manjistha, Amlaki, Haritaki, Bibhitika, Henna, Methi, Tulsi, Neem and more using the ancient Tel Pak Vidhi prescribed in the Vedas. Other Ayurvedic hair oils take longer to show any real effect on hair fall whereas Kesh King oil starts showing positive results even with severe hair fall from the first week of use itself.

Apart from being effective, Kesh King hair oil is light in texture and is made using sesame oil as the base oil. Other Ayurvedic oil brands use coconut oil as the base oil which can’t be used in winter as it freezes and can’t be applied without heating. Kesh King oil retains the same consistency even during cold winters. The trust of millions in Kesh King products is proven by the clinical tests that certified Kesh King hair oil as 2 times more effective than other ayurvedic hair oils.

Kesh King understands that people need the best Ayurvedic oil for their hair fall treatment. Backed with the ancient knowledge of Vedas and the power of Ayurvedic ingredients, Kesh King hair oil fights hair fall and promotes hair growth. It helps with the Anagen growth phase of the hair and results in activating hair growth. It is clinically proven to be 2 times more effective than any other Ayurvedic hair oils. It is also more affordable than other Ayurvedic hair oils in the market.

Hair fall of 50 strands every day is considered normal, and anything more than that is a cause for concern. Add to that the daily stress, pollution and the sedentary lifestyle have led to severe hair problems in the masses. Regular hair oils are not effective against the harmful effects of pollution and stress on the health of our hair. People need Ayurvedic hair oil to fight scalp problems and hair fall. Kesh King products are approved by CGHS (Central Government Health Services) and have no side effects and are safe to use.

Kesh King hair oil is indeed the best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair loss treatment as it helps against hair fall, promotes hair growth and fights dandruff and other hair problems effectively. If you suffer from any of these hair problems, start your hair treatment right away with Kesh King! To buy online, you can visit our Amazon page or find our products in all the major stores across the country.

Best Ayurvedic practices for Hair Care

Ayurveda has been helping people for ages. It has effective solutions for a lot of our issues – old and new. In today’s day and age, our lifestyle has led to the development of various skin and hair problems – hair fall and damaged hair being a couple of them. The products that are available in the market contain too many harsh chemicals that only seem to be effective in one area but lead to several other problems in other areas. Ayurveda prescribes natural ingredients and components that come with no side effects.

Here we list down the best Ayurvedic practices for hair care that you can adopt in your day-to-day life and let your hair reap the benefits.

Hot oil massage with Ayurvedic oils

Our hair needs adequate nutrients for nourishment and to ensure a healthy scalp. Ayurveda suggests oiling your scalp and hair thrice a week to provide the essential nutrients to your scalp to promote hair growth and to get stronger and more abundant hair that has shine and lustre.

Ayurvedic oils with great natural ingredients such as Bhringraj, Amla, Neem, Ritha and Ashwagandha help make your hair stronger, shinier and silkier. The 21 herbs in Kesh King hair oil is a great way to fight hair fall, dandruff and dryness. This oil will help your hair become healthier, stronger and more lustrous.

Use Ayurvedic Shampoo

The oiling ritual is widely popular but what people ignore is how to remove the oil from hair. Using chemical laden shampoos strip the hair of all the benefits of oiling it. To ensure that your hair gets proper nourishment and nutrients, use Kesh King’s Ayurvedic anti hair fall shampoo which is made with all natural ingredients and Aloe Vera. It nurtures and protects your hair while providing it with an herbal dose of nourishment. It helps your hair become stronger, shinier and silkier.

Apply Amalaki Paste to the hair

Amalaki helps pacify pitta and removes excess heat from the head. This protects your natural hair colour and makes your hair lustrous. To make Amalaki paste, you need to mix equal quantities of Amalaki powder and water or yogurt together, adjust the quantity of water or yogurt to achieve the desirable consistency. Apply the paste to your scalp and hair, cover it with a shower cap and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and pat dry naturally.

Eat a balanced diet to nourish your hair

Eating a well-nourished and balanced diet will help to improve your overall health and well-being. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins and fats. There are special food items known to improve hair health such as carrots, spinach, kale, beetroot, coconut, ghee, sunflower seeds and coconut water. Also adding turmeric, black pepper and cumin seeds/ powder to your diet increases metabolism and promotes better digestion, which is known to help hair growth. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Avoid processed food items, fried food, refined sugar and bad fats.

Ingest herbs

Hair growth is affected by what you put on your scalp as well as what you put inside your body. There are a number of herbal compositions that benefit and improve your hair strength. You can mix the Ayurvedic herbs to help your hair health. Bhringraj, Amla, Brahmi, Neem and Ashwagandha are great ingredients. You can make a mixture with these and take a herb shot every day to ensure that your hair gets the proper nutrition from the inside as well as outside or you can use Ayurvedic hair tablets available in the market.

Kesh King’s hair tablet contains 21 herbs that help promote hair growth, fights dandruff and prevents hair fall. You can also take Chyavanprash which is made primarily of Amalaki fruit and helps to nourish the digestive system promoting health and vitality of the entire system.

Improve your lifestyle

Try to lead a healthy life by making informed choices. Sleep for at least 8 hours in the night as it gives your body a chance to restore and rejuvenate. Practice breathing exercises, yoga and surya namaskar. Daily exercise makes your body fitter, promotes blood circulation and helps fight lifestyle prone diseases. Exercise and a healthy diet can go a long way in helping you achieve better overall health, strong body and sound mind.

Use Kesh King Ayurvedic Products

In addition to all these, you can also use Kesh King Ayurvedic products which are certified by government bodies to be 2 times more effective than other Ayurvedic products. If you wish to buy it online, you can check out our Amazon page. Follow us on social media for all the latest hair care updates.