Kesh King Ayurvedic Oil, Capsule & Shampoo
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AboutKesh King - Top Brand in Ayurvedic Hair Care

Kesh King is world’s premier brand in Ayurvedic Hair Care.

Consumer studies have shown that upto 60% of our population suffers from one or more hair problems, like hairfall, dandruff, dry scalp, split ends, etc. And this despite using reputed hair care brands, which have existed for 20+ years. However, since these brands are largely formulated around day-to-day use, they are not able to solve the hair problems, beyond daily maintenance.

Kesh King fills this unmet need with the wisdom of ancient India called Ayurveda, which is getting increasingly popular world over as the holistic health care & problem solution methodology. Kesh King has researched these time-tested Ayurvedic texts to glean out efficacious solutions for these hair problems. And the secret of Kesh King’s success lies in gathering rare, precious herbs and processing them rigorously: strictly in the manner prescribed in those Ayurvedic scriptures.

And thus, Kesh King offers a range of Scalp & hair medicine products, which are certified as Ayurvedic medicines by the governmental bodies to solve the hair problems in a deep manner that other brands can’t accomplish.

Kesh King is present in Ayurvedic Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner & Capsule categories, and will soon expand to other facets of hair care as well.

All, with a vision to be the first choice of consumers, when it comes to Hair Care.